Idaho State Flower: Syringa

Idaho State Flower Coloring

The Syringa flower is the blossom of a woody shrub. The plant can grow 10 feet tall, and the stems are very useful for many things including pipe stems and bows and arrows. Meriwether Lewis wrote about Syringa when he made his famous journey to the Northwest United States. The flowers are very fragrant, with a scent sort of like Orange blossoms, so they are sometimes called Mock Orange. They are Snow White with Orange-Yellow stamens. They bloom from April to June.  

I chose to draw this close up of the flowers that top the branches, just a tiny portion of one of the little clusters.  For the New Hampshire State Flower which is the Purple Lilac and a type of Syringa, I drew clusters on branches, so you can see how they look as part of the larger plant there. But here you see one of the little clusters by itself.

state flower coloring book

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