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50 State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book

The 50 State Flowers in a Coloring Book to learn all about them. 

If you are a student who wants to learn about the State Flowers and color them, or a teacher who wants to give your students coloring sheets of the 50 State Flowers to learn them while coloring this book is perfect for you. Hand drawn in exquisite detail by artist and illustrator Heather Burns.

Perfect for a classroom setting or for home schooling Moms and Dads.

Each flower is hand drawn in detail, and the back of the page is blank so you won't have to worry about your colors bleeding through if you choose to use gel pens or water colors or colored inks. Fun way to learn all about the beautiful State Flowers of the USA. Just click the photo to order! Enjoy!

Coloring Pencils for Coloring the State Flowers

Do you need colored pencils or water color pencils? For coloring botanical drawings I actually prefer water color pencils as they look as if they have been painted with water colors like many of the paintings of botanical flowers that were so popular in the 1920's. (They have actually remained popular ever since.) Aurora Art Supplies has water color pencils that come with 2 paint brushes so you can smear your pigment and get a water color effect. They come with a mini coloring book of botanical flowers too.

Aurora Art Supplies also has a set of 48 different coloring pencils in a plastic tube and a mini coloring book by me is included as a free bonus. Just click the photo to order this beautiful set of colored pencils for all your coloring projects!