Hawaii State Flower: Hibiscus

Hawaii State Flower Coloring

The state of Hawaii is a botanical wonderland and my favorite state in the USA. Over 50% of the botanical species there grow nowhere else on earth! I've been to every island at least once and would love to visit again as I consider it paradise on earth. 

They chose the Hibiscus as their State Flower probably because it  is so distinctive that everyone associates it with Hawaii. I love them and had them growing in my California garden for many years. The Hibiscus flower blooms year round! 

They are available in many colors so don't be shy, color it any color you choose! Every island grows them in several colors. However, the State Flower is actually the one that blooms in Yellow, so if you want to be absolutely authentic in your depiction of the State Flower, color it Yellow all over, including the center stem, with a little Brownish Red in the center below that stem. 

state flower coloring book

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