Georgia State Flower: Cherokee Rose

Georgia State Flower Coloring

The state of Georgia picked the Cherokee Rose as their State Flower. It's pure White with Yellow stamens, and has a beautiful scent that is sort of like cloves. But like the song says "every rose has its thorn" and the Cherokee Rose is excessively thorny, so be careful if you try to pick some.

The Cherokee Rose is actually native to Southern China and Taiwan and Vietnam and Laos, all tropical climates, so it's easy to see why it would flourish in Georgia! Humidity plus! 

After the flowers fall off, the plants produce the Rose Hip fruit, which you see on Vitamin C capsules (if they use it,) because it's a potent source of that Vitamin C. 

I'm actually surprised that the Peach Blossom isn't the State Flower of Georgia since they call their ladies "Georgia Peaches" but the Cherokee Rose harkens back to the time when the Cherokee Indians had their reservation there so that's appropriate too. 

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